List Export

The List Export action makes it possible to export list data in Excel format in a few steps. All fields displayed in the list view are included in the data file.

Exporting list data requires the List->Export List permission.


  1. Navigate to EliteID > Lists

  2. Select a List

  3. Select Actions > Export List to download the data file.

When the List includes any number of Credential fields the List Export Setup window will appear with the option to Group credential rows.

We suggest disabling the Group credential rows option when you plan to perform sorting using Excel and/or want to save a copy of the file in CSV format.

After export a file will be downloaded by the web browser.

  • The data file is named ListExport.xlsx. Additional data exports will be named ListExport(1).xlsx, ListExport(2).xlsx, etc.

  • The export file is in xlsx format

  • To create a CSV file: in Excel click File > Save as> and select the CSV (command delimited) (*.csv) file type before saving