AutoID Management

The AutoID feature allows you to add new Person records without the need to manually assign or track ID numbers. This streamlines the process and helps prevent duplicate or conflicting ID numbers.

Accessing AutoID Management

To manage AutoID settings, navigate to Administration > AutoID Management. The ability to create, edit, and delete AutoID Pools is controlled by the "EliteID:AutoID Management" permission.

Note: Users do not require any special permission to assign ID numbers from existing AutoID pools. Enabled pools are available to all users.

Example AutoID pools

Creating an AutoID Pool

To start using AutoID, you need to create a pool that defines the range of ID numbers and then enable it.

  1. Navigate to Administration > AutoID Management, and click Create to open the AutoID Management modal window.

  2. Configure the following properties for the new pool:

    • Pool Name: A unique name for the pool.

    • Start #: The starting number for the pool (1 to 9 digits).

    • End #: The ending number for the pool (1 to 16 digits). Must be greater than the Start #.

    • Increment: The value by which the ID number will increment (1 to 5 digits).

    • Prefix (optional): An alphanumeric prefix for the ID number (1 to 6 characters).

    • ID # Length: The total length of the ID number, including the prefix (if any). Must be equal to or greater than the number of digits in the End # plus the length of the Prefix.

    • Leading Zeros: Enable this option to pad the ID number with leading zeros up to the specified ID # Length.

    • Enable: Enable the pool to make it available for ID number assignment.

  3. Click Save to create the new AutoID pool.

Note: Pools that are not enabled will not be displayed in the Create Person wizard.

Assigning an AutoID Number

Assigning an AutoID ID number to a new Person record is a simple process:

  1. Click the Create Person button.

  2. On Step 1 (Data Entry), click the AutoID button to display the available AutoID pools.

  3. Select an AutoID pool from the list.

  4. Complete the remaining steps and click Save.

The system will automatically assign the next available ID number from the selected pool when the record is saved.

Managing AutoID Associations

  • To select a different pool for the new record, click the trash icon next to the current AutoID placeholder in the ID Number field, and then select a new pool.

  • The AutoID placeholder is displayed for confirmation purposes on the final step of the Create Person wizard. Click Save to save the record with the assigned ID number.

With the AutoID feature, you can streamline the process of creating new Person records while ensuring unique and properly formatted ID numbers are assigned automatically.