The detention Auto Assign feature will default to searching 30 days ahead to find an available detention. If you receive a message stating there are no available detentions you can configure PerfectPass to search past 30 days.

The Auto Assign days out setting ranges from 1-99 days. The setting is system-wide and applies to all users.

Change the auto assign days out setting

  1. Open Administration > Settings

  2. Change the Auto assign days out setting to a value between 1 and 999 days

  3. Click SAVE




The Incidents tab contains the “Enable rule count filtering” setting.

Rule count filtering is needed when there are incident rules that do not make use of ‘Applies to current semester only’. This includes the “Manual” incident type. When the “Applies to current semester only” setting is disabled and Rule Count Filtering is disabled, prior history will be combined with the current year’s count.

In practice, the first day of the current school year or the date you want the system to start counting incidents should be applied to the Rule Count Filtering “Date” setting.



The Enable Multi-Pick Mode setting will allow you to assign more than one incident at a time and also has the benefit of letting you toggle between incidents without needing to select it from the droplist.

The setting is disabled by default.

Enabling the setting will allow the user to select one ore more incidents at a time.

See How to use Multi-Pick Mode


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