Kiosk mode is designed for unattended incident assignment, allowing students to self-scan their ID badge using a barcode or contactless card reader.


NEW: Setup a PerfectPass Kiosk for Auto Login


The rule base determines the consequences of the incident assignment, including whether a pass is printed and if a detention is assigned. Students are auto-assigned to the next available detention.


Sign in to Kiosk Mode


  1. Visit

  2. Enter a PerfectPass username and password

  3. Enable the checkbox for Kiosk Mode

  4. Click Log In



Configure the Kiosk options


  1. Select the Incident

  2. Select the Search field

  3. Click Start Kiosk

Click Set as Default to make the selected options the default selection at the next login.


Kiosk Mode is now ready to use.


To change the Incident or Search field, click the Cancel button to return to the configuration screen.



To logout from Kiosk Mode, click the LOGOUT button.


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