Assign an Incident

Incidents are assigned using the CREATE INCIDENT button located on the Students screen.

Assign an incident

  1. Open Students from the left navigation bar

  2. Search for a student using a search term

  3. Select the student from the search results



  5. Select an incident then click SAVE


  • Enter a date/time override

  • Enter the location where the incident occurred

  • Enter notes about the incident (the notes will be printed on the slip)

For incidents with a detention consequence select the meeting day, choose a meeting time, then Save.

One or more slips may be printed as a result of the incident assignment. Reprint a slip by clicking Actions > Reprint beside the incident.

Manual Incident Assignment

When assigning the Manual incident type the user is prompted to select the action(s).

An incident that uses the Manual option works differently from a Rule Group. Instead of the incident following a predetermined consequence the user must select the incident consequence at the time the incident is assigned.

Assigning this manual incident will require the user to select which actions to perform.

  • Print a slip

  • Assign a detention

  • Assign points

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