Assign multiple incidents (RapIDscan)

Use RapIDscan to assign one or more incidents at a time. This mode is useful when you need to assign the same incident (such as Tardy to School) to a line of students.

This mode works by selecting the incident type then scanning the student ID.

The October 2022 update lets users select multiple incidents at a time instead of one incident.

See Multi-Pick Mode for more details.

RapIDscan differs from Kiosk Mode because it provides full access to the PerfectPass application after closing RapIDscan. RapIDscan is for attended use and Kiosk Mode is for unattended use.

Start RapIDscan

RapIDscan now offers a Multi-Pick mode that permits assigning 1+ incidents at once. See below for details

  1. Click Dashboard > RAPIDSCAN


  2. Choose an incident in Incident to Assign

  3. Click in the Search field

  4. Enter IDs using a barcode scanner or keypad

Click Done when finished.

RapIDscan Options

Confirm Identity

For added verification RapIDscan can display the ID photo for the user to confirm the scanned ID matches the person. To enable this feature turn on Confirm Identity.

After Confirm Identity is enabled the user must Confirm/Deny each scan.

Multi-Pick Mode

The new Multi-Pick mode lets users select more than one incident to assign at a time. It also has the benefit of allowing you to toggle between incidents without needing to re-select them from the droplist.

This mode is useful in situations where you want to assign incidents such as No ID and Check In at the same time, or when you need to quickly toggle between Check In and Unexcused Check In.

Enable Multi-Pick Mode

To begin using multi-pick mode it must be enabled in the Administration Settings.

Administration > Settings > RapIDScan

Turn on the Enable Multi-Pick Mode setting then click Save.


Using Multi-Pick Mode

  1. Click Dashboard > RAPIDSCAN

  2. Select the incident from the Incident list then use the Add button.

    Repeat this step for each incident you want to include.


  3. Place a checkbox beside the incident(s) to assign.
    At any time you can check and uncheck the Incidents to Assign.


  4. Use the red X button to remove the incident from the list.

  5. Then, place the mouse cursor in the search box and scan the student ID or enter a search term




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