What is a Tenant?

A Tenant can be thought of as a individual database on the multi-tenant vdsapps.com platform. A Tenant stores information such as person records and application settings.

How is a Tenant accessed?

Tenants are accessed by creating User accounts that are associated with the Tenant. A User account is associated with a single Tenant.

The Customer and Tenant relationship

Typically, for a small business, K-12 school, and College/University, only a a single Tenant is necessary because it is common to manage all record types and settings in one place from a usability and maintenance perspective.

Multiple tenants can be associated with the same parent Customer as shown in the illustration. This setup is useful when, in this example, a district maintains the application subscription.

Example Customer>Tenant Relationship

Data sharing

Tenant application data, person records, and settings, are not shared between tenants, even when the tenants are associated with the same parent Customer.

Application licensing

Application subscriptions are associated with the parent Customer, and therefore multiple tenants can share an application subscription. Tenant license limits can be enforced to prevent any one tenant’s users from exceeding the allotted licenses. See https://vds.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RAP/pages/2042494986

Tenant Management

The RapIDadmin Tenants page provides a listing of all tenants associated with the parent Customer.

To access RapIDadmin select the user avatar > Switch Applications > RapIDadmin

Navigate to RapIDadmin > Tenants

If Tenants is not shown in the menu your account does not have the required RapIDadmin:Tenants permission. Contact your administrator for assistance or see https://vds.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RAP/pages/2004222151.

Tenant overview

Tenant Actions