The API feature makes it possible for a website or application to access vdsapps resources using OpenID Connect or OIDC, which is is an identity protocol that utilizes the authorization and authentication mechanisms of OAuth 2.0.

The below instructions provide a high-level overview of the steps necessary to access vdsapps' API endpoints.

Required Permissions

RapIDadmin → APIs → API Documentation

RapIDadmin → APIs → Applications

RapIDadmin → Connections → Create Connections

The following information applies to Developers only. Contact Vision Database to request Developer access.


Navigate to API > Applications

Create an application

Click Create

The Create An Application modal window will open.

  1. Input a Name for the application

  2. Select the applicable scopes (RapIDadmin, EliteID, PerfectPass)

  3. Click Create

After the application has been created two new tabs will appear: Production and Development.

In addition a Client Id will be assigned to the application.

Optionally, to access the OpenAPI (Swagger) documentation:

  1. Open the Development tab

  2. Copy and paste the redirect link into the Redirect Uri input box then click ADD.

  3. Click Save to complete the setup


API Documentation

Navigate to API > Api Documentation

API Documentation is available for RapIDadmin and EliteID. In the below example we’ll authorize an OpenAPI application and query the EliteID getallwithphotoupdates API endpoint using Swagger UI.

To start the authorization process first gather the app’s Development Client Id.

  1. Navigate to API > Applications

  2. Click Actions > Edit

  3. Open the Development tab

  4. Click the Copy button below the Client Id (the dev Client Id will start with “dev_id”)

  5. Return to API > API Documentation


  1. Select EliteID from the Application list

  2. Click the Authorize button

  3. Paste the dev_id Client ID into the client_id input box.

  4. Enable the applicable scopes (they must match the app’s scopes or the authorization will fail)

  5. Click Authorize

Grant Approval

After clicking the Authorize button a new browser tab will open and a prompt will confirm the application name and application scopes.

  1. Click Approve

  1. The Approval Required tab will automatically close and you’ll be returned to the API Documentation page, and the modal will now read “Available authorizations”.

  2. Click Close

Query the endpoint

  1. Click Try it out

  1. Click Execute

  1. Scroll down the page to view the Response


Applications that are granted access to one or more vdsapps applications are listed on the API > Connections page.

To revoke an application’s access follow the below instructions.

Revoke Access

  1. Click Actions > Revoke to revoke that application’s data access

  2. Click Yes at the prompt