Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA), also known as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication, is a security process that requires users to provide two distinct authentication factors to confirm their identity.

In our implementation of 2FA, users need to provide two specific authentication factors when they sign in: their email/password combination and a one-time 2FA code generated by their chosen authentication method.

Supported Authentication Methods:

Our system supports two authentication methods: Authenticator App and Text Message.

Administrator Control:

Administrators have the flexibility to enable the use of both the Authenticator App and Text Message methods or select just one of these methods based on their preferences and security requirements.

2FA can be either optional or mandatory for all users.

How to enable 2FA

Navigate to RapIDadmin > Administration > Settings to view the 2 Step Verification settings.

To access RapIDadmin select the user avatar > Switch Applications > RapIDadmin





Enable 2 Step Verification

Make 2 Step Verification Mandatory

Allow Self Recovery

Authenticator App

  • Purpose: Enable users to register an Authenticator App for 2FA.

  • How to Enable: Visit

Text Message

  • Purpose: Allow users to register for Text Message-based 2FA.

  • How to Enable: Visit

Enroll a device

For step-by-step instructions on enrolling a 2FA device, visit .


  • User Troubleshooting: If you are a user and encountering issues with 2FA, visit for user-specific troubleshooting.

  • Administrator Troubleshooting: As an administrator, you may need to generate a 2 Step Reset Code for users in the following scenarios:

    • When "Make 2 Step Verification Mandatory" is enabled, and the user has not enrolled a device within the 14-day grace period, and "Allow Self Recovery" is disabled.

    • If a user has lost access to their 2FA device and "Allow Self Recovery" is disabled.

Generate 2 Step Reset Code

  1. Navigate to RapIDadmin > Users

  2. Select Actions > Generate 2 Step Reset Code

  3. A modal window will display the one time recovery code.

  4. Click Email to User and Close to send an email containing the code to the user, or click Copy and provide the code to the user by other means.