Canon Camera Setup

This guide covers setting up a Canon camera for capturing photos in EliteID.

For usage instructions refer to .


  • EliteID+

  • Canon EOS R100 or CCAPI compatible camera

  • Memory card, AC adapter, USB-C cable

  • Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz), Windows PC

  • .NET Runtime 8.01 x64 (Download)

  • Canon CCAPI Activation Tool (Download)

  • VDS Canon Capture Service (Download)

Workstation and network considerations

A Windows PC running the VDS Canon Capture Service is required to use the camera. The camera will communicate with the PC over Wi-Fi and must be connected to the same network.

Camera Setup

  1. Install accessories, disable the auto power off setting, set shoot mode to [A+].

  2. Activate CCAPI: Connect camera to PC via USB-C, use CCAPI Activation Tool, disconnect

  3. Assign Nickname: Menu > Wireless Settings > Nickname

  4. Enable CCAPI: Menu > Wireless Settings > Camera Control API > Add connection > Add with wizard

  5. Connect to Wi-Fi: Add connection with wizard, note the displayed URL.

  6. Access the CCAPI URL in web browser to complete the setup

After the setup is complete and a connection is made, selecting the “Disconnect, exit” menu option will require you to use the Connect button then re-visit the ccapi URL from a web browser.

Workstation Setup

  1. Install .NET Runtime 8.0.1 x64 and VDS Canon Capture Service.

  2. In EliteID: Administration > Settings > Photos, enable “Enable Canon Capture”.

Using the camera

Refer to

Advanced setup

Modify VDS Canon Capture Service port (optional)

The VDS service operates locally on the workstation, listening on http://localhost:5001.

To customize the port:

  1. Edit the appsettings.json file:

C:\Program Files\Vision Database Systems\VDS Canon Camera Service\appsettings.json

  1. Modify the “Port” setting

  2. Save the changes

  3. Restart the VDS Canon Capture Service

  4. In EliteID: Administration > Settings > Photos to match the configured port.