CloudCard Integration Setup

The EliteID CloudCard integration offers users the capability to send invitations and manage photo submissions within EliteID seamlessly.

Note: The CloudCard integration settings menu is located in EliteID and will only be displayed to clients that have opted-in for the service.

Example CloudCard Integration Configuration


There are a few basic requirements to complete the CloudCard Integration setup.

  1. A CloudCard subscription

  2. A CloudCard Persistent Access Token

  3. An Email address field must be present on the Person form

EliteID users will require the EliteID:Photos permission to access the Photos page.

Create and Validate the Persistent Access Token

CloudCard Directors will create a Persistent Access Token for a service account via the CloudCard user interface.

The below steps are performed in CloudCard.

Sign-in to the CloudCard app using a Director role account -

To avoid possible service disruption issues we recommend the PAT be created for a non-user account.

  1. Navigate to People then Add

  2. Enter a real email address or a fictitious email such as “” then Save

  3. Select the option to view the Person then scroll down to enable the Director, Email Editor, Office, and Service roles. Save then refresh the page.

  4. Under Persistent Access Tokens click NEW

  5. Enter a Description such as “EliteID Integration”. Set Max Uses to Unlimited and Days Until Expiration to 365 or higher then Create.

  6. Copy the Token Value into clipboard and a txt file for safe keeping then Close

  7. The EliteID Integration PAT will be listed


  8. Paste the PAT into the EliteID Persistent Access Token field then Validate

Complete the Person Field and CloudCard Field mapping

Return to EliteID then navigate to Administration > Settings > CloudCard.

  1. In the Email Field droplist select the designated email field. If no field is listed you must first open Form Designer then add an email field to the form, then return to the setup.

  2. Map the First and Last Name Person Field to the equivalent CloudCard Field one at a time.

Enable the Integration and Save

  1. Select the Enable CloudCard Integration checkbox to enable it.

  2. Click the Save button before leaving the page!

The integration setup is complete.

Test Environment

Use Switch Environment to change from the CloudCard Production to Test, and vice versa.

Warning: Switching environments will reset your persistent access token and custom field map.