RemotePhoto by CloudCard

The by CloudCard integration allows you to seamlessly send photo invitations and manage photo submissions within EliteID. Here are the key features:

Send Invitations

  • Send photo invitations to individuals or lists of people

  • Specify a Cardholder Group

  • Optionally require Supporting Documents

Manage Photo Submissions

  • Review, approve, deny, crop, and rotate pending photos

  • View and adjust approved photos (denial, crop, rotate)

  • Review denied photos

  • View, crop, rotate Supporting Documents

  • Assess facial comparison confidence for Supporting Documents

The integration provides a smooth experience for EliteID users and RemotePhoto recipients. Any actions in EliteID appear as if they originated from the CloudCard app. Photos can be approved/denied in both EliteID and the RemotePhoto web app simultaneously, with approved photos automatically downloading to EliteID.

Note: Invites must be sent from EliteID to properly associate photos with CloudCard. Otherwise, approved photos will not download.

Accessing the Integration

  1. Sign in to EliteID

  2. Navigate to the "Photos" section from the menu

    • Users need the "EliteID:Photos" permission to access

Important: The CloudCard integration is only available to clients who have opted in for CloudCard online photo submission. Contact Vision Database to add this integration.

Sending Welcome Invites

EliteID provides four ways to send Welcome invites:

  • Create Person Wizard - Send an invite to an individual

  • Person Record - Send an invite and re-invites to individuals

  • List - Send an invite to multiple people at once

  • List Invite Scheduling - Send invites to multiple people at once on an hourly, daily, or weekly schedule

Using the Create Person Wizard

  1. In Step 1, enter the recipient's email address

  2. Proceed to Step 2 and click "Send Invite"

  3. Select a Cardholder Group

  4. Enable "Require Supporting Documents" if needed

  5. In Step 3, click "Save" to send the invite

Using the Person Record

  1. Search for the Person record

  2. Input an email address in the designated email field

  3. Click the "Invite to CloudCard" email button in the blue bar

  4. Configure Cardholder Group and Supporting Documentation

  5. Click "Send Invite"

Resend an Invite

After an invite is sent, as indicated by the presence of a CloudCard Create Time, the Invite button will change appearance to include a double-arrow icon.

Using Lists

  1. Navigate to the desired List

  2. Select Actions > Send Invites

EliteID will send invites to everyone in the list who hasn't been invited before and has an email address.

Here is an example of list criteria to identify people with an email address that have no photo and have not been invited yet. You can use CloudCard Id or CloudCard Create Time interchangeably to determine whether People have been invited, though CloudCard Create Time is recommended because “is empty” or “is not empty” can be specified.

List Invite Scheduling

Lists can be configured to automatically send invites on a schedule to a specified Cardholder Group, with or without Supporting Documentation requirements.


Day / Time


Day / Time


On the hour


7:00 PM ET


Monday 7:00 PM ET

Managing Photo Submissions

Open the Photos section to manage submissions and documents.

Each photo submission has a Helperbot classification status of Good, Bad, or Unknown.

Approving Photos

  1. Click the thumbnail to inspect

  2. Click "Approve" to approve

  3. Use "Approve All Good Photos" to bulk approve

Approving a pending photo will change the photo status to Approved and subsequently the photo will be downloaded to the matching EliteID record.

Denying Photos

  1. Click "Deny"

  2. Select a reason and optionally add a note

  3. The recipient will receive a denial email

Supporting Documents

  1. Click the thumbnail to inspect

  2. View the document type and facial comparison confidence

  3. Click "Edit" to rotate or crop the document

Activity Tracking

EliteID automatically updates fields and logs events related to CloudCard activity:

  • CloudCard Create Time: Set when the invite is first sent

  • CloudCard Download Time: Updates when an approved photo downloads

  • Photo Time: Updates when an approved photo downloads

  • CloudCard Id: Set when the person is created in CloudCard

Event History entries are also logged for sending invites and downloading approved photos.