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Install the above software and connect the Topaz device to the workstation.

Enable the signature capture settings

The next step is to enable the signature integration.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Settings

  2. Select the Signature tab

  3. Enable “Enable signature integration”

  4. Enable “Display signature” to display a person’s signature under their photo and in the print preview. This option is not required.

User permission

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  1. Install software: Download and install SigPlus driver, SigPlusExtLite, and browser extension.

  2. Connect device: Connect the Topaz signature pad to your workstation.

  3. Enable settings: In EliteID, go to Administration > Settings > Signature.

    • Enable "Enable signature integration".

    • (Optional) Enable "Display signature" to show signatures.

  4. User permission: Ensure users have the "EliteID:Person:Signature


  1. " permission


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